Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yes, I Know

The photo is too big but since this is the 18th time (no exaggeration) I've changed the style/color/template of my blog today, we'll all just have to deal with it.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Promise to Myself

2009 will be the year . . .

. . .I finish the Chicago Marathon. (I can't change the blog title to "My Fourth First Marathon." Besides a tongue twister, it's pathetic.)

. . .I will lose the "baby" weight. (My youngest "baby" turns 5 in April)

. . .I will properly cross train (Taking steps toward this already, meeting with personal trainer)

As a result . . .

. . .I will meet my goal of finishing the Marathon before I'm 40 (Oct 2010)

. . .I will not cringe at the sight of me in family photos that will be taken during our June vacation

. . .I will be able to buy a dress for our niece's summer wedding because I like it, versus buying one because it hides and covers the best.

I know reading this you may think that New Year's resolutions are often broken. Not this time. I'm too fed up with myself.

Now if I can just get building maintenance to move that vending machine further away from my office . . .

Monday, December 29, 2008

Race Schedule Revisions

Updated my race schedule on the left. New Year's Day Run? Yeah, not going to happen. I think I'm finally, FINALLY! coming out of my months-long running funk. Signed up for a new Half in Chicago, the 13.1 Chicago in June. A few days before we leave for vacation, so that should be interesting, given everything that comes along with vacation prep, finisheverythingatworkbeforeI'mgoneforaweek prep.

Hmmm, I have three halfs on the schedule. That might be a little much. I have to think about that.

Conference call coming up at work, gotta go.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Butt Hurts

Went to my first-ever spinning class tonight. The instructor told me that my butt will hurt tomorrow. Well, it hurts now. I liked it, even if I was a little uncoordinated in the beginning. I can see how it can be addicting. During "sprints" the guy next to me was going so fast! I've never seen anyone's legs move that fast. To quote Chandler from "Friends": "His legs flail about as if independent from his body!"

I've been keeping a fairly regular workout schedule the last couple of weeks, between my personal trainer visits, other sessions at the gym and the treadmill at home. (No running outside for me, I live in Chicago! Yes, land of Blagojevich.) Goal is to get in shape, lose the extra pounds and get strong for Chicago Marathon '09.

While he doesn't need to lose weight, I've been getting on Mike's case to work out because if he works out, I'm more likely to work out. If he's not, I'm likely to make excuses.

Special note to my blogging friends: I know I've been terrible about posting AND commenting on your blogs lately. I will get back to it soon. Between the holidays and spending more time at the gym I haven't been on the computer much. When I have been on the computer, I've been researching info for a summer Disney trip. (If anyone's been to the Grand Floridian, would love to hear your reviews.)

Ok, gotta go address some holiday cards. In the spirit of the holidays, I leave you with this. Thanks to Mary Ellen for sending it my way. (Be sure to pause my playlist on the bottom left.)