Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hello Again

It's been so long since I've blogged that I almost forgot how to do this. Seriously, I had to think for a second to log in with the right IDs for Blogger. My husband especially, checking out his Google reader at work, will be surprised to see a new post from me. Not of a heck of a lot to say but yet so much to say, so let me update you:

  • My weight loss efforts continue, and I'm down 7 pounds since January 1. I had really hoped to be down 10 by now, but such is life.
  • I've run here and there, sometimes not because of a sore throat/cold that refused to go away, sometimes because of too busy with work, sometimes because effin' plantar fasciitis is back again.
  • I'm officially signed up for Chicago 2009! Also signed up for the Chicago Police Foundation's Run to Remember, the Soldier Field 10 Mile and the 13.1 Chicago.
  • I've become addicted to Facebook and must stop. It's been good to keep up with Jill, Chris and Karin via Facebook, but I also have to get back to reading blogs.
  • Facebook has been good because I've been able to reconnect with some long-lost friends, including my college roommate. Fifteen years later and we find out that we're both running Chicago!

Not an exciting return to the blogging world, I know, but for now I must get back to the parts of my life that do not require a laptop. Be back soon!


Mike said...

Wow! I forgot you had a blog. :)

Jill Will Run said...

Facebook is crack!

jlou said...

Welcome back! I had almost lost hope that you were ever going to blog again.

Karin said...

Yeah, my virtual life is much busier than my real life!!!!

Alissa said...

I'm addicted to facebook too. I agree with Jill! Look me up, I'm friends with those people too.

Yay for Chicago!!!

Suzanne said...

Welcome back...I've missed reading your blog! :-)

Marathonman101108 said...

LOL...I didn't forget you had a blog!! Sorry it took me so long to respond. Welcome back and keep us updated. I don't know how to use Facebook, and it's probably a good thing I don't!