Sunday, November 23, 2008

O iPod Where Art Thou?

I can't find my iPod. I need my iPod to run. Yes, I'm one of those runners. Especially on the treadmill. Looked everywhere last night and today and came up empty. Mike may have it easy Christmas shopping for me this year, I may need a new one. (I'm a little scared it was on top of the newspaper pile that was tossed out. If that's the case, then someone picking up the recycling bin has a new iPod Nano that says "Love, Mike" on the back. Oh, and a Nike + sensor)

Mike offered to let me use his iPod Shuffle and while I'm not looking forward to it, I just might need to. Why don't I want to use his Shuffle? Well, here's a couple examples.

My iPod has music like this:

Mike's has music like this:

My missing iPod has music like this:

Mike's Shuffle includes music like this:

Ok, truth be told I don't know that he has King Diamond on his Shuffle, but he has some King Diamond Cds and I'm just trying to prove the point that we really don't like the same music. Truth be told twice I do have some of "Mike's music" on my iPod . . .Rush, a little Metallica, Spock's Beard and some others. But the vast majority is not for me.

Where is that iPod?!


Terri said...

Oh girl, i am right there with you. I sooooo hope it didn't get thrown out!!

And yes, if my husband and I had to share each other's music, we'd probably shoot each other to get ourselves out of our misery.

Karin said...

Ouch. I'd be lost without my Ipod!

Kai said...

I'm ok on the roads, but if I don't have my iPod on the treadmill, I'm about ready to shoot myself ater 1/3 of a mile. Talk about BORING.