Thursday, November 20, 2008

A New Record

I think I set a new record for the longest time I've ignored my blog . . .or those of my blogger friends. It's been awhile, I know. Nothing specific, just busy days, busy nights, a lot of stuff . . .and a little laziness here and there.

To all of my blogging friends, I know I haven't commented lately, it's not that I didn't find your posts interesting, I just didn't um . . .read your posts. Or any posts for that matter. Hope to get caught up over the next few days. To get you caught up on me, here's some quick updates:

  • I took one step closer to becoming a svelte and fit runner for the Chicago '09 starting line and had my first workout with a personal trainer. My trainer is great, very sweet and patient. She was particulary sweet and patient when I let the weights slam back down during the first exercise.
  • I took very few steps the next couple of days after the workout - - which focused on weight training exercises -- because I've never really lifted weights before and was sore as hell. My limp around the office and my struggles getting in and out of the car was a constant reminder of how unfit I am. Ninety year olds move around easier that I was.
  • Haven't signed up for any 5ks because schedules (what race is nearby, if Mike is off of work to stay home with the kids, if we don't have anything conflicting) haven't worked out.
  • We started a Biggest Loser contest at work several weeks ago. So far I've lost weight, gained weight, lost weight and gained weight. So I'm hoping the next weigh-in - -the last one - - that I at least lose enough to meet my original starting weight. Sad, I know.
  • I kicked my Red Bull habit! Went cold turkey and so far, doing pretty good. (I may have been a tad crabby for a couple of days.)

Ok, gotta get back to work. Can't get to the gym tonight because of other stuff we have going on, but planning to run on Friday and do weights the gym on Saturday. Next personal training session on Monday.


Terri said...

My God, Jenn, no apologies necessary! You have a family, kids, a life!

Glad to see you are back. And if it makes you feel better, i met with a personal trainer once. My abs felt it for about 6 days afterward, and I thought I was fit before that!

Terri said...

oh, and by the way, my blog looks a bit different now - if you like the header, you should know my husband took the picture (and has a swelled head to show for it, from all the compliments... ha!)