Sunday, January 6, 2008

Addicted Again

I wish I was posting to announce that I was once again addicted to running, but I'm still working on that. Instead, I must admit that I am once again addicted to Red Bull. There was a time when I would idiotically and proudly boast to my work colleagues that I drank 5 - 6 cans a day. When I started getting the shakes and dizzy vision I conducted research and found that the sale of Red Bull is banned in some countries - - banned! - - in Denmark, Norway, France, Uruguay and Iceland. I decided that heart failure due to overconsumption of Red Bull would be a sucky way to die, so after two miserable, bitchy weeks of going cold turkey I was forever cured of my Red Bull addiction!

Or so I thought.

I'm not sure what started me on Red Bull again, but I have noticed the cart inexplicably heading toward the Red Bull section during my daily trip to Target. I'm up to daily doses again, but in my defense, limiting myself to one or two cans (tops!) a day.

I need to see what impact, if any, this has on my running. Will it pep me up right before I head out? Of course, I need to get on a regular running schedule again in order to conduct my experiment.


1 comment:

bluegame said...

Jenn At least your are not addicted to Starbucks! I can't
work out without it. When i dont have it I shake.I believe my habit is far more expensive. Limit yourself to just one a day.Then run like have never did before.43 old lady (me) can run you can!