Monday, January 28, 2008

Important Dates

Important dates coming up . . .

Chicago Marathon 2008 registration opens up on Friday.
(Jeanine, Kim, Keith, Lauren, Jon H. - - that means you!)

Lake Geneva 5k takes place on Saturday.

Mike and I did not run well over the weekend. Both of us struggled. Could be because of our diet; Chili's before I ran (I tried to order something semi-healthy; don't get me started on how they messed up the order) and Chinese food before Mike ran.

It's nice out with warmer temperatures today in Chicagoland but I'm not going to be able to run outside. Will have a bunch of treadmill runs before the 5k on Saturday. Not thrilled about it, but whatchagonnado?

Just hoping to avoid unbearably cold weather on Saturday. The 20's on Thursday and Friday are scaring me.

Lots to do this week and still stay on track with training for Saturday. I may have to increase my intake of Red Bull.

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