Friday, January 4, 2008

Missing: Nike + iPod Thingy

Still haven't located the Nike + iPod thingy (I think the proper term is actually "wireless receiver") and I need to run tonight. Between Mike's iPod dying and my iPod thingy missing, what is Apple trying to tell us?

It's not in my purse, it's not in my work tote, it's not on my dresser, it's not on the treadmill, it's not on the kitchen counter, it's not on the laundry room counter . . .it's not still connected to my iPod. I even looked in the carry on luggage I took to NJ in November (when I thought I was going to get up early before the work meeting to run, yeah right) and in my five-year-old's school backpack (yes, it's possible).

So this just leads me to the conclusion that I need to stop at Dick's or Nike soon and pick up a new one. If I'm going to run outside on Sunday (that is the plan) then I really, really need it. If you detect whining, well, that's because I am.

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