Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not Super Tuesday, But We Still Need Your Vote

Our future running partner needs a name. My husband provides the background on our name dilemma in his blog and instead of just letting me get my way he's decided to open up the vote to the masses.

Payton (as in the great Walter Payton) or Kramer?

If we end up naming him Payton I think we should get him a Bears jersey for dogs and take him with us to the Walter Payton 16,726 Yard Run in September.


Anonymous said...

I know it's too late, but my opinion is to name the puppy Skinner. Now, I know you won't, but it's a really good name. A second nominee would be Will Wheaton. I saw your post about him and that would be a funny name for a dog. I know a human girl named Payton (after Walter) so I can't vote for that as a dog's name. Kramer is fine, but Wheaton is better. Hmmm?

jonhay said...

Considering I had Peyton on the short list of names for our son, you know which name I prefer.