Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Relay

Just ran 2 miles outside and it was tough. Took me about 6 minutes in again before I felt like I wasn't going to die. Not bad for first time outside since Thanksgiving, though. At least I made it out there. Now I just have to keep up my running schedule for the week.

It's warm outside, so once Mike got home from work we did the "HurryupgooutsideandrunwhileIwatchthekidsandI'llgosoonasyougetback
sowecanbothrunoutsidebeforeit'sdarkout" relay.

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Anonymous said...

Jen - I saw your link on RunnersWorld. com discussions, and loved the title, since I too didn't finish Chicago 07 because I found out it was called around mile 16!! I LOVE todays post, because I ran 2 painful miles on 1/6 after not running since 11/3/07, according to the Garmin. Guess I was in denial about it being only a month. Keep it up girl, we can do it this time!! Karin in the Northern Burbs!