Monday, September 15, 2008

My New Winter Home

The track that I will be running on a lot this winter. In beautiful Wasilla, Alaska*
(It's 1/9 of a mile. Not great, but better than the treadmill.)
Question: What is the proper gym etiquette when another runner is running the wrong direction? On certain days you go left, on certain days you go right based on the schedule posted at the entrance. Last time I was here I ran the way according to the posted schedule, but there were two other runners (running together) who were running and walking opposite. So, every time we met up, I would have to switch lanes to avoid running into them.
Am I supposed to call them out on it?
Run the direction they are running in even though it is not the "posted" way?
Or just do what I'm doing and give them dirty looks as I pass?
*Actually, it's in Illinois. That was an attempt to cheer up my sister. She made the mistake of getting into a political "discussion" with my parents today.


Jill Will Run said...

I think if it's really crowded then the people should be called out and asked to follow the posting. But if you guys are the only ones on the track, I guess you just play nice. I know that if I'm stuck on a track, I would prefer to switch directions. Especially on a track like that... my employer has a track like that so when I make on-site visits I use that during the winter. If it's quiet, I'll switch directions just to avoid fatigue from turning the same way so much.

Alissa said...

Ohh you are very lucky. The one indoor track I know of here is 1/16th of a mile. Talk about getting dizzy! The treadmill is better quite frankly! I don't know what to tell you about the other runners. I would want to tell them they are going the wrong way, but I would be afraid they'd get ugly and then I would have to endure sharing the track with them while I finish my run. Maybe tell them right before you leave? Of course that dosn't really help you, but maybe they will read the sign next time.

Karin said...

Just shove 'em to the side and tell them to get the heck outta your way!!!!!