Monday, September 1, 2008

Race Report: Nike + Human Race

The Nike + Human Race (10k) was in Chicago last night, here's a quick recap because I have something bigger weighing on my mind . . .

  • Lots and lots and lots of people in the red Nike + shirts
  • 14,000 people and 17 porta potties. Seriously, I counted.
  • 14,000 people makes baggage check a bitch.
  • 14,000 people and having to pee while waiting in line to check bags is a bitch and a half. (I have no idea what that means, I think I just made it up.)
  • Liked starting off at Soldier Field, a Chicago landmark.
  • Despite this race being half the size of Chicago's Shamrock Shuffle, it felt like it was twice the size when we were squeezed in the corrals like sardines.
  • Chipper Kim had three beers and some garlic pretzel cracker combo. Chipper Kim, my nutrition idol, I expected better from you. :)
  • My ankle (same ankle as last year's stress fracture) started bothering me about 0.01 miles into the race.
  • My feet started bothering me (yeah, plantar fasciitis in both feet now) about 0.05 miles into the race.
  • The Chicago 2016 crew cheering before the first (and only) incline was fantastic, very motivating when runners needed it.
  • Struggled to get through 6.2 miles with ankles and feet issues. Ran/walked the whole thing. I'm sure I pulled the Chicago average time down. (But hey, Chicago's average was better than New York and L.A.!)
  • Running on Chicago's lakefront with the Chicago skyline in view was a very pretty sight.
  • Caught a few songs from Fall Out Boy after the finish before I decided to head home, take as shower, ice my feet and have some wine. (I decided to do that, but in reality, I headed home, picked up some Taco Bell, took a shower and had some Gatorade.)

What's been weighing on my mind? Too much to get into right now, will update soon.

Happy running!


tamara said...

Sorry about your aches and pains. But the good news is that you finished. I would love to see your beautiful city... I have heard so many great things about Chicago. Mainly that it is just a ton of fun and so much to see and do. Maybe one day! Hope you are feeling better!! Rest, rest, rest.

bluegame said...


chris said...

Oh geez, Jenn. Sorry to read that you are having foot problems. Keep us posted.

Terri said...

what about visualizing the machete cutting off your feet like you did in one of your previous races?! :-)

so sorry they hurt you so early on.

17 porta potties, for that many people? i would have cried. or pushed one over to get people out of it faster. holy crap, literally.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!

And by "way to go" I mean, I am glad you were able to finish without gnawing off both feet in deserpation for pain relief!

unfocused me said...

14000 runners + 17 portapotties = 7000+ guys peeing in the bushes near the starting line (and probably a few of the ladies).

Sorry to hear about the feet. That's bad news. There's probably time to deal with the problem before the marathon, though, even if it means taking some time off -- you've done the work, you've got the miles in the bank.