Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Runners' Dinner (or You're Training Like An A#%Hole)

Went to dinner with my sister Jeanine, cousin Kim (Chipper Kim for those of you who've read Dawn Dais' The NonRunners' Guide to Marathon Training for Women) and my cousins' cousin Lauren. (Let's just call her a cousin.) Jeanine, Kim and Lauren are training for Chicago '08 . . .we all participated in (and were pulled away from) the debacle that was Chicago '07. Jeanine's boyfriend Sunil joined us too . . .he isn't training for the Marathon (and therefore the sanest of the dinner bunch) but has done some other races with us.

It was good to see everyone and I thoroughly enjoyed dinner. Maybe it was because I love Mexican, maybe it was because the food was good, maybe it was because I didn't have to pick up crayons off the floor, get up to take someone to the bathroom right when the food arrived (twice) or repeatedly answer "Mommy, when is our food cominnnnnnnnnnnng?"

I didn't bring my camera so alas I cannot share a photo of the Marathoners-to-be or photos of our food like Kai does so well. Kai, next time you're in Wicker Park maybe you can visit and post photos on your blog :)

Anyway, while eating my ranchero beef tacos with corn shells served on a hot cast iron skillet, it became very clear that despite the best intentions, Jeanine and I have been training like a#$holes. Chipper Kim and Lauren have not.

(Kim, you know I love ya, but I'm sorry, when you run 7/8 miles with your group and then come home and run 3 more . . . AND text me about it, you are Chipper Kim)

Protein powders, deep tissue massages, trainers, therapists, magnesium supplements . . .Chipper Kim and Lauren are doing it right. They're training right, they're stretching right, they're eating right. Jeanine and I are not (although Jeanine was quick to point out that I'm the worst at nutrition, she's only the second worst. She may be right.)

Case in point:

Chipper Kim: ". . . so I take a protein powder and I notice a real difference . . .Jenn, what did you eat for your recovery meal after your eight mile?"

Me: "Recovery meal? (gulp) Oh! You know they have these mini ice cream Milky Ways now? They're only 90 calories! I had two. Oh, and potato chips."

Chipper Kim: Are you taking your glucosimine?

Me: Yes. I am. (Silently to myself, Did I?)

So what I've been slowly realizing and avoided admitting to myself came to full blown acceptance Sunday night. I've been training like an a#$hole. I'm working to improve that though, and asked Kim to type out everything that she's doing and email it to me so I can copy it exactly.

Hot and humid in Chicagoland this week, so running tonight, Wednesday and Friday night on treadmill, getting up earlier than early on Sunday to run my long run of 10 before Mike has to leave for work at 6:30 a.m.


Karin said...

What do magnesium supplements do? I've never heard of those for running. Give us some of Kim's tips, because I know I could use some too.

Kai said...

I hope you heard this weekend's high is supposed to be 99 degrees. =O Why oh why didn't we pick up swimming?

If it makes you feel any better, my recovery meal is usually instant hot&sour soup and ramen. And then I go out at night and use my long run as an excuse to eat the crappiest food I can find.

It'd be awesome if you could show me some Wicker Park gems, since I'm not really familiar with that area!