Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pepper Spray, Check!

Preparing for my long run of 10 miles on Sunday morning. Will be my earliest run ever (and my longest run this training season) as I have to get the miles in before Mike leaves for work at 6:30. In the morning.

Really need to do it outside so I'm better prepared for next week's half marathon, plus this way I beat some of the humidity. Have things going on in afternoon, so running at dusk isn't an option for me.

So . . .
- New songs on iPod - Check!
- Balega socks - Check!
- CARA reflective running tank - Check!
- Favorite sports bra washed - Check!
- Shoes - Check!
- Pepper spray - Check!
(It will be dark out when I start out, no one tell my parents. Yes, I know I'm 37 years old. Really, no one tell my parents.)
- Sports beans/Clif bar - Check!
(This will be a test to see how my tummy gets along)
- Headphones - Check!
- Amphipod armband for iPod - Check!
- Cell phone - Check!
- Runners' ID - Check!
- Amphipod belt - Check!
- Gatorade - Check!
- Protein Water - Check!

I hope I don't attack myself in the face with the pepper spray.


Karen said...

Be careful out there! I can't believe you have to do that SO early! I'm doing my first-ever 10 miler tomorrow morning.

I read your account of last year's marathon experience the other day! I'm so glad you posted it. It was fun to read and really helped me trust the training that I'm going through (same program).
Have a great run!

chris said...

Remember when all you needed for running was a pair of shoes? I don't but I bet someone out there does!

Anonymous said...

Chris' comment was exactly the thing I thought about... I have these same kinds of lists when preparing for my runs, especially long runs. All those people that way "Running is so cheap, all you need is a pair of shoes... HA!"

Hope the 10 miles went well (I'm assuming you're done, since it's Sunday now!)

Karin said...

Ha..I was thinking the same as Chris about the list of necessary items. Sometimes, I opt for the treadmill instead of outside because I don't want to deal with the list! Congrats on the 10!