Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tagged: Six Things About Me

I've been tagged by Chris so I'm going to take a break from cleaning my office (What? It's the day before the holiday.) Here are six things about me. I may regret sharing some of these.

1. My left pinkie toe is a "double toe." Picture two pinkie toes together in one toe. And, it's webbed to my fourth toe. My dad tells the story that right after I was born, the doctors said they would whisk me into surgery to correct the toe. My parents said, it's okay, she'll live with it. Maybe she'll become a great swimmer. I did not live up to that dream.

2. I hate popcorn. Love the smell, hate the taste.

3. I've never been out of the U.S. It's not that I don't want to leave the country; opportunity just hasn't presented itself. Would love to go to Europe. And Japan. And Australia.

4. I have a fear of going down escalators. I go down, but I have to pause at the top and get my bearings for a couple of seconds. This ticks people off.

5. Senior year of high school. First date. We went candlelight bowling (Only my husband, my sister and my friend Suzanne know where this is going.) In candlelight bowling you do things like holding hands while you let the ball go, or hop on one foot. In this particular instance, I had to get on the floor on my hands and knees, facing opposite the lane. First date boyfriend had to sit on my back, facing the lane. (It sounds bad but it really wasn't so get your head out of the gutter.) For some inexplicable reason, when first date boyfriend's arm came back with the bowling ball, I turned my head. CLUNK. Emergency room, minor concussion, black eye and a golf size bump on my forehead. Two weeks before prom. The bump still appears from time to time. First date boyfriend was last date boyfriend. (His choice)

6. Fast forward to college. First date with new guy. Guy I was friends with and had a crush on for a very long time. We were walking from the dorm to a restaurant and I fell flat on my face. Talking, walking, then BAM. Very embarrassed as I was trying to make a good impression. Guy was very helpful and sweet about it, didn't laugh. Fast forward 13 married years and two kids later, guy (Mike) and I are very much together :)

God, I sound like a real klutz.

Ok, I have to tag 6 people: Mike, Karin, Lisa, Kai, E and Tamara.

Here are the rules:

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chris said...

Love your post, Jenn. You really chose some personal things, didn't you? Very nice...

Karin said...

Hey chica...I'll get to this tomorrow, its gonna require some thought!! But..I don't have 6 friends to tag :(

Karin said...

Okay, done now. My info is up on my blog!

Karin said...

Hi, yep, you're comment went thru on my blog just fine! I totally walk into things all the time. Usually, its walking out of my office at work and into the copy room and I cut it too close. My coworkers think its hilarious. Oh, and I fall going up stairs all the time.

I'm doing the half in September, I thought the weather might be better! Hee, we'll see, given the conditions on 10/7/07.

And groovy, at least I'll know someone at the 20 miler, we should try to meet up that day!!

Karin said...

Jenn, I'm not signed up for the Nike + 10K, but I think I'll sign up for it because it starts at 6:30 PM, which is my kinda race!!
Take care of that PF. Its annoying, but it will get better.

bluegame said...

You to should be a writer. You are so darn funny! Did you really fall when you met Mike? You and Mike should write a book together. I am going to donate waiting till closer to the end to really inspire you. Did Rich Johnny give yet?

Mike said...

Ok, mine is up.

Carly said...

Hiya Jenn

My name is Carly... nice to meet ya! I have been visiting Mike's blog for a while now, and was happy to find out you have a blog as well. Now I can drop by and say hi to you as well! I enjoyed your answers very much, you have a sweet sharp wit! I agree with the others who said you should write a book about your adventures. They totally put a smile on my face, and made me feel a little less alone in my own clumsiness! Too cute! Anyway, once again nice to meet ya.

Always, Carly

Suzanne said...

That date story still cracks me up!