Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Calling Nate Berkus . . .

What do you do with your race bibs? Mike and I have been acccumulting race bibs from our various 5ks, 8ks and my road to Chicago' 07, and between the two of us, we have a good amount. We've been keeping them in a file folder until we figure out what to do with them.

We're redoing the office (yes, Mike, really we are) and figured that's the best place for them. So what do we do with them? Display them like a wallpaper border? Frame them in a poster-size frame? Give them to the puppy to chew instead of our shoes . . .and toilet paper . . .and the last roll of paper towels?

Oh, I did run the 7 miles the sushi/ice cream night. On the treadmill. Let's just say I'm never running that far on the treadmill again if I can help it.


Karen said...

Seeing that I only have ONE bib, I am no expert.

A few semi-lame ideas:

Go to Target and get a pile of cheap frames for them.

Scan them and put them onto iron-on transfer paper...iron them onto fabric and make a quilt.

Slide each one into a clear sleeve for a 3-ring binder and next to it, insert a little race summary for posterity's sake.

Scrapbook 'em.

Train your pet parakeet.

Keep them in the folder and just pull them out once in a while to pat yourself on the back for all you've accomplished.

Transfer them onto the back of the t-shirt you got from each particular race.

Let your 6-year-old be 'crafty' with them.

tamara said...

Well, I only have one as well. But my first thought is the wall paper border thing. I think it would be cool to start at one corner and just continue working all the way around until you have covered all your walls. Of course, I will probably die before I can cover the walls of my little office, but I will die trying.

bluegame said...


Karin said...

Those are great ideas! I like the wallpaper border idea..

Anonymous said...

If you're into artsy-fartsy projects, you could get a photoalbum and make a race album. Put in bibs and any pictures you might have from the race.

Otherwise, you can just stack them on a shelf and be a disorganized slob like me. =P

Tree said...

I throw mine away, unless it was a particular special race. Terrible, but true.

I have run 14 mi training runs on the treadmill (when there was 3" of ice outside). One word. Mindnumbing.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the suggestions guys, although you should know that I'm not particularly crafty. My son's baby book is still waiting to be finished from 2002.

Da-Runner said...

Check out www.bibkeeper.com