Monday, July 14, 2008

Ice, Ice, Baby

Went to the doctor today. I officially have Plantar Faciitis. Seriously, how do you spell this thing?! Plantar Fasciitis.

"What's wrong?" Doctor asks as he walks in.

"I think I have plantar fasciitis." (I practiced how to say it before he came in so I wouldn't sound like an idiot.)

"I one hundred percent agree with your diagnosis." (Ok, that was easy.)

No heel spurs on the X-ray. I need to ice, ice, ice and stretch, stretch, stretch and continue wearing the Strassburg Sock. But I can keep training as planned.

The physician's assistant showing me the stretches mentioned that she participated in Chicago '07 too. I asked if she was going to run it again this year.

"No, I can't because I lose too much weight running. I eat like a horse, but can't keep weight on."

Oh, so sorry. Bitch.

Alright, maybe that's a little harsh but if you read the previous post you probably surmised I'm a little cranky this week. Ok, a lot cranky.

No need to confirm that via comment section, Mike.

Back to running on Tuesday.

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Jill Will Run said...

I'm glad you can keep running and that the problem isn't more serious.

How's that Strassburg Sock? My mom has some plantar fasciitis problems and I think she should give it a try. It just seems like it would be kind of uncomfortable!

Karin said...

HAHAHA....yeah, oh poor baby who can't keep the weight on. Whatevah.....

tamara said...

I'm just glad to know that someone out there actually loses weight while running. Perhaps the bitch is losing her weight and my weight as well. Do we need to take up a collection for her so that she can buy extra food and protein powder?!? And if you were already in pain and grumpy, that one comment just sent you over the edge, I am sure. Good luck with your feet (I will not attempt to spell it) - I have heard that it is an incredibly painful condition!!

Karen said...

And you didn't smack her upside the head?

Jenn said...

Jill - - I really like the Strassburg Sock . . .not too bad comfort wise . . .and I do notice an improvement.

Karin - - I know! I can't imagine what the expression on my face was like.

Thanks Tamara - - Maybe that's what happening with my weight too!

Karen - - I wanted to!

Karen said...

How is the treatment working? My DH thinks he has the same problem, and the likelihood that he's going to get himself in to see the doc is slim (crazy hours right now). I think I might try to get him some of those socks. Any other words of plantar fasciitis advice? it starting to abate and do you just ice right after running? Thanks.