Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Heart Shopping

I stopped at one of my local running stores after work today to pick up The Strassburg Sock (very sexy, no?) in an attempt to improve my plantar fasciitis. One hundred and three dollars later, I walked out of the store, downright giddy with my new purchases. (I think it was the great philosopher Razzdoodle who once said "In theory running is cheap. In theory, communism is a great idea, too.")

My other purchases included:

New tube of Body Glide, because isn't it so annoying when it's near the end and breaks off during application? (Hopefully only runners/people who know what Body Glide are reading this because that might sound bad out of context.)

My first Chicago Marathon 2008 Training Shirt. It's pretty cool actually. Nike tech shirt, shows a girl running on the front by a skyline (not discernable as Chicago's skyline however) and it says "What Happens on the Lakefront Stays on the Lakefront. Marathon Training 2008." Back of shirt says "RUN CHI 10.12.08." I am very excited about it as I haven't seen any Chicago 08 shirts yet. Of course when I got home Mike pointed out that I'm really not training on the Lakefront (My training is pretty much down Golf Road in the NW suburbs). Whatever. (Note to VRC members: I'm trying to convince Mike to join . . .)

I think I let out an audible "What's this?!" though when I spied the Amphipod ArmPod. I love the Amphipod Handheld so I was thrilled to see this (Do I love it as much as Topher loves his fake Crocs? Still to be seen.) I hate the Armband (don't know offhand who makes it) I have now. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Probably as much as I hate that weasel Spencer and his fake Barbie doll on that stupid MTV show. I don't watch the show but I can't seem to escape this "we're going to stop world hunger" couple. Please.


Lisa said...! That makes me totally want to go shopping for running stuff. I think I have to check out that arm band. The one I have now doesn't work super well for long runs. The sweat soaks through and my iPod gets wet. I am convinced that is why the iPod crashed during the marathon and I lost all my Nike+ data. Thanks for the tip!

chris said...

God, I hate that ass-clown Spencer and his joke of a girlfriend. They make me sick. Never seen the show, just pictures on

That sock is pretty sexy, btw. Think I will get one for the wifey...for those special nights.

I wonder if they have that armband on Running Warehouse?

Oh, and you have been tagged. Check out my blog for details.

Karin said...

Me again. I have an 07 marathon training shirt, it never occured to me to look for one for this year. Groovy...gotta look for one. Are you doing the CARA 20 miler on 9/21??