Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Sound of Silence

Got out of bed at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday (I know, miracle of all miracles) and after some peanut butter on toast, headed out to do eight miles. Muggier than I would have liked, but was pretty pleased with myself for being out early in the morning. Noticed early on in the run that my legs felt a lot better than usual, probably because I've been running later in the afternoon and evening after a day of activity, I forgot what rested legs felt like.

Was moving along pretty well and was getting into a groove around mile 3 when I skipped past a few songs on the iPod and heard. . .nothing. Horror of all horrors. Fiddled with the headphones and could still hear the Nike + lady "Pausing Workout" so knew headphones were okay . . . was trying to go back and forth on playlist to see if that would help and inadvertently ended my workout (Dammit! I really like hearing "956 Calories" at the end of the run.) Tried to reset it, turn it off/on, the thing was locked up. Kept running with the headphones on thinking that maybe it would unlock itself and suddenly I would hear Fall Out Boy in my ears. Nothing. Except my breathing for five torturous miles. It's not a pretty sound.

Finished the eight miles but not really a satisfying run. Did more run/walk than I planned because mentally the sound of my breathing was messing up my focus. I had a hard time relaxing into the run. So instead I just made repeated deals with myself. "Just run until the fire hydrant. Ok, now you can walk until Fruitful Yield entrance. Ok, now run until you reach the funeral home entrance. Ok, lie down and die."

I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't worried about the Marathon. Really worried. I'm only one week behind my training at this point last year, but much more worried about it. I need to get in check mentally or I'm going to be toast by mile 10 at the Marathon.

Going out to the "Runners' Dinner" tonight. My sister and three cousins - - all training for Chicago '08 - - get together to eat, drink and talk about running/training. Expect that will help my motivation.


Terri said...

have you tried to reset your iPod? I've had mine freeze on me too. You have to hold down that button in the middle and the menu button for a few seconds, together, I believe. It should turn itself off and then come back on (you'll see the apple picture). It sucks when that happens, but that usually fixes it for me. So sorry to hear that that happened with you!

I hope seeing your friends helps. I don't know how you do it all, and with kids.

Karin said...

It'll be okay. You did 8 miles, regardless of the amount of running/walking. And that's 8 miles with no Ipod. Take a deep breath...we still have 2+ months.
Trust me, mid-run today, I'm thinking "what was I thinking signing up for this thing?". We did it once, we can do it again!!

chris said...

Ug, I hate when the Nike+ messes up the run. But hey, you did 8 miles. Feel good about that. Relax, enjoy your dinner, and you will be just fine for the marathon.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, that Runner's Dinner sounds so fun! Sorry about your iPod - back when I used to run with it, I used to stress about the songs/sound/mechanical crap/etc. and could never relax. Next time, just sing to yourself! =D

Jenn said...

Hi Terri -- Yep, wasn't working to reset on the run, but Mike was able to reset it when I got home.
Sometimes I think I'm crazy to try to fit in training with kids, work, etc. but I do have a very supportive husband :)

Karin: Okay, breathing, breathing :) Thanks for the encouragement.

Chris, thanks for the vote of confidence. Are you still in Japan? If so, Domo Arigato.

Kai, trust me, even I don't want to hear me sing. I sing Happy Birthday to my kids, no more.