Tuesday, April 8, 2008

On Schedule

Ran three miles on the treadmill last night, the worst three miles ever. Can't figure out why I was so sluggish. It was late, but I've run late before . . .wondering if it was due to the lousy 1,200 calories a day that I'm on with JC program. Although, even though I ate more before, it certainly wasn't like I was eating the right things. I finished (woo hoo, I finished three miles, doesn't that sound pathetic?) but I really had to push myself to do so.

Four miles on deck for Wednesday.

Today's Favorite Running Song: "Beat It" Fall Out Boy with John Mayer

Maybe I need more motivation . . .any family/friends reading today? How about a little donation to the American Cancer Society?

1 comment:

bluegame said...

I am going to donate for sure! i need you up to five Miles on Treadmill! Yes you can! keep up the Great work! I am only on four Miles Treadmill!