Saturday, May 24, 2008

Frustrated and sick

Frustrated and sick, that's me.

Frustrated because I finally got motivated with a set running schedule (I'm a person that thrives on structure and schedules) and I get sick. Haven't run since Monday. Maybe I'll be able to run later today though. Throat not as bad and Mike let me sleep in today. (With our opposite work schedules and two young kids, being able to sleep in is a rare treat.)

I'm not the only one who skipped the Soldier Field 10 Mile today. Jeanine signed up, forgetting that she was going to be in NY for a wedding, cousin Lauren didn't feel she was quite ready, like me. I see Unfocused Life skipped too. Cousin Kim was the only one making it to the start line.

I picked up my packet. Might as well as least get the tech shirt. I see though, that I was a bit optimistic when I signed up for the race in February, and ordered a size smaller than I usually wear.

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