Friday, May 2, 2008

Updates and More Updates

1. Congratulations to my cousin and hero John who completed his last cancer treatment today!!!

2. Chicago Police Memorial Foundation's Run To Remember 5k is tomorrow. I am NOT expecting a brag-worthy time. The weather is supposed to suck. Race report to follow soon.

3. More heroes added to my hero list. Keep 'em coming. Goal is to collect names of 262 heroes to carry with me for 26.2 miles. You don't have to donate to the American Cancer Society to add a hero to the list (although it would be appreciated) and we don't have to know each other personally, just add names to the comment section and I'll add.

4. I quit Jenny Craig. Those who know me well know that this follows my typical pattern of embracing something with absolute gusto only to let my interest and dedication peter out . . .and quit. My friend Suzanne probably remembers "This Palm Pilot Will Save My Life" campaign circa 2001 only to discover that I hated the thing. A paper planner I remain. My husband knows my frequent "I am going to organize ALL of our cabinets . . .THIS WEEKEND!" campaigns. To this day one kitchen cabinet and one laundry room drawer is organized. After 19 years together, my husband is one thing I haven't quit, so I do know what's important :)

5. I joined Weight Watchers. Again. I mean re-joined. Again. Mike thinks they will think I have multiple personality disorder from my frequent joining and cancellations.


Mike said...

Actually Weight Watchers called to see how many Jenns live here. :)

Karin said...

Jenn - Good luck w/ Weight Watchers. I've done it twice, it was better the second time!
Good luck with your run tomorrow!


Florinda said...

Good luck with Weight Watchers! I've never officially dropped out since joining almost five years ago (I'm a lifetime member), but I haven't been to a meeting for months.

Mike and I leave regular comments on each other's blogs, so I just thought I'd say hi over here!

Jenn said...

Mike: Ha. Ha.

Karin and Florinda: Thank you for the good wishes. I'm pretty good following the plan on weekdays; need to be more diligent about it on the weekend.