Friday, December 28, 2007

To Be Fair . . .

Not surprisingly, my brother-in-law John has taken issue with one of my marathon goals (see Beginning of the Blog). So to be fair:

1) John was very supportive of my 2007 marathon training efforts, always asking how training was going and providing words of encouragement. For that, I thank him.

2) Even though John was . . .um, conservative with his donation, the fact is he donated and every dollar counts, no matter how small or large the donation.

Now Mike and I just need to convince Mr. "I run 6 miles but I can't do the 5k because I'm working/I'm in Rockford/It costs how much?!/It's too far/It's too hot/It's too cold/I'm too busy/There's no where to park/I forgot to turn the registration in" to do a 5k with us this year.

1 comment:

Mike said...

So, you let John go on the money thing, but then kinda go after him again...just saying.