Monday, December 31, 2007


Um, yeah, so I didn't run last night. Too lazy, too much wine, too much ice cream over the weekend. Not exactly the runner's diet.

I am committed to getting back in the game and running tonight. Honestly, seriously, truthfully I am. Some inspiration for me:

1) I'm listening to my running playlist while at work. (I also made Mike listen to it in the car yesterday to motivate me to run last night, but hoping it works this time.)

2) I watched the trailer to "The Spirit of the Marathon" which is playing for one night only on January 24. Thanks Kim for sending. Very inspiring.

3) Last night I started reading Ultramarathon Man, Confessions of an All-Night Runner. While I will never ever attempt to run an ultra-marathon, I find Dean Karnazes' story fascinating.

4) If UPS tracking is accurate, my Chicago Marathon fleece jacket and training tee should be arriving today or Wednesday. At 75 percent off, you can't beat it! (Kinda feel sorry for the folks who spent $125 for the commemorative jacket at the Expo in October.)

5) Chicago Shamrock Shuffle sign up opens up tomorrow.


Irene said...

Best wishes on your second first marathon training!

I found you from the list over at CRN, and I thought I'd say hello.

Happy New Year!

Running Jayhawk said...

Hi there! I was right there with you getting the shaft in the debacle known as the '07 Chicago Marathon (however it wasn't my first one). Weather has been out of control for Chicago the past 2 races so I figure this year HAS to be perfect, right? Revenge is ours!

If you can get to see the Spirit of the Marathon in full, do it. It's fantastic and will definitely help you get focused and excited for October.

As for Ultramarathon Man...what an awesome story! But don't discredit an ultra race down the line...I never wanted to run one but completed the Lakefront 50/50 last year (50k distance). It was amazing and I'll definitely try one again in the future.

Looking forward to seeing you out at the shuffle! Oh, and a bunch of the Chicago Running Bloggers get together a few times a year for drinks and what not, you'll have to join us sometime!

Happy Running!