Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Still on Track

Still on track, ran 3 miles on both Saturday and Sunday and even though I was dead-tired on Tuesday night, I ran a mile. I know a mile isn't much, but the goal was just to run period because consistency is key for me at this point. Going to start working in 4 and 5 miles in this coming week so I'm ready for the Shamrock a week from Sunday.

On a separate note, I opened the pantry door last night and with a mix of surprise, horror and excitement I screamed, "How did these get here?!!!" Mike bought Hostess cupcakes. He claims our 6- year -old wanted them. Our 6 year-old says he doesn't like them (how a being created by Mike and me does not like a chocolate Hostess cupcake is something we will never understand.)

Whatever the case, I have to resist eating them (or more of them) because I don't think running and Hostess cupcakes are a good mix.

Damn you Hostess.

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