Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not Exactly Living Up to the Promise

When I started this blog, I mentioned how marathon training was going to be different this time around. As my sister put it, we weren't going to train like assholes this time around.

This is the same sister who confessed to me the other night that she hasn't run since October. October. OCTOBER???!!!!! Ok, I'm not so bad. I'm not good, but not that bad.

Jeanine, what's happened to us? Where is our motivation, our determination?

Well, the Shamrock Shuffle is coming up quickly so we are both getting back in gear. No work excuses, no busy lives excuses, no I'm moving and I commute several hours a day excuses (that was my sister).

My sister is such a procrastinator. I'm just . . . deadline-oriented.

Want to help my motivation? Donate to my American Cancer Society Fundraising effort. Become one of my mile sponsors and add the name of a friend or loved one to my Heroes list.

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