Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thank Yous, Hoffman Half and My Ass

Well, I did run but my ass is still very much here (much more to it than I would prefer) so I don't know that I ran my ass off. But at least I ran, right? Starting out slow so not to injure myself like last year, only ran 2 miles on Saturday and Monday. Biggest obstacle for me right now is the mind-numbingness of the treadmill, so the fact that I got on the stupid thing is a victory.

I signed up for the Children's Advocacy Center Half Marathon, which takes place in June. Ideal location for me as it's only 13 minutes from our house, so I can save on hotel costs. I know some people (read: my sister) think I'm crazy for registering for these races so early, but it's motivation for me if I know they're on my calendar. Trying to convince Lisa and/or Don C. to do it. Guys? C'mon, if you can do a triathalon or dualathon or quadrathalon you can do the half.

Thank you to Laura M. and Renee H. for your support of my American Cancer Society run! Not only does it benefit ACS, but it helps my motivation a lot. When the couch and TV were calling I reminded myself of the donations so I made myself put my running shoes on.

Family and friends, please keep the donations coming! I know the Marathon is several months away yet, but your support is very motivating!


Anonymous said...

I'll ask the hubby. Too long for me. I like the location!!- lisa

Anonymous said...

hey, my hubby is a yes! I've also mentioned it to my father-in-law but he may be to weak & old to participate :) He's considering it too, so we will see.