Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't Get Me Sick!

Two common themes in the blogosphere:

1) Chicagoans sick of the weather (don't even get me started on the expected 8 inches this week or I may cry)

2) Everyone is sick! Marathonrunning was sick . . .Girl in Motion was sick . . .See E run. Run, E, run! is sick. Can you catch germs via the Internet? :)

Seriously, my sister-in-law is deathly ill (please Lori, go to the doctor) . . .the kids are starting to sneeze and I've been fighting something off and on for a while. Right now (knocking on laptop keys) I feel good. I'm getting nervous that now that I'm planning on a consistent week of running (I've been sporadic at best) that something sinister will take over my immune system and keep me out of my running shoes.

Crossing my fingers that I stay healthy; need to get serious about the Shamrock Shuffle.

No snow for the Shamrock please, weather gods.

On a separate topic . . . future runner comes home March 21. Names debate still open, so if anyone has any ideas, comment away!

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Who is SLB+? said...

Yeah, being sick sucks...I dunno, it's like...contagious!