Friday, February 8, 2008


Been a tough week at work and haven't been feeling 100% so have to commit to running again.

Mike and I did the Lake Geneva 5k last weekend. Two words: cold and hilly. We still had a good time though. Beautiful scenery and nice people. I think we were so worried about the cold that when we were driving through hills to get to the race it didn't occur to us that the course might be hilly. When the locals referred to the "Snake Road" on the map as "Snake Hill Road" we realized it wasn't going to be easy. Mike's dad and stepmom drove the kids up and down the course to see us (roads weren't closed) so seeing them honk and wave was a nice mental boost.

Shamrock Shuffle
registration is closed. Glad we signed up early.

Chicago Police Memorial Run to Remember registration is open.

So is the Soldier Field 10 Mile.

Hoping that next week will be a better running week for me.

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