Thursday, June 19, 2008

11:15 p.m . . .Time for a Run!

I DID run last night, although it was a bit later than planned. By the time I got the kids to bed, some laundry done, checked some email and calmed down the you're-home-so-I'm-ready-to-play puppy, it was after 11 p.m. Now I know you might think I'm crazy to run so late at night, but I can't let myself slide on my schedule too much because with me one night off becomes two nights and two nights off becomes three nights and so on and so on and so on.

Mike got home from work at 11:30 and was a little surprised to see me on the treadmill. "LOOK WHAT I GOT FROM CARA!" I yelled, with headphones still blasting. (Like Karin, I do really like the CARA Marathon Training shirts.)

This run (again 3 miles, I'm in first week of marathon training) went surprisingly well for a post 11 p.m. run. I was a little wired before bed and regretting it a bit at my early morning meeting today, but glad I'm stuck to the schedule.

Tomorrow's run of 4 miles won't be so late. And I should be able to do it outside.

Today's Favorite Running Song:
I feel like I should say "Na Na Na Na, Hey, Hey, Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" in honor of the Chicago White Sox/Chicago Cubs Crosstown Classic this weekend (I grew up on the South Side) but it was actually The Von Bondies' "C'mon C'mon" that got me through the late night run.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's late to be getting on the treadmill but I'm impressed that you still got the workout in even at that time! Way to show your dedication!

After taking a look at that CARA site you linked to, I wish I lived in Chicago! What an awesome resource!

chris said...

Good job on working out so late at night. I probably would have packed it in and hit the sack. Actually, I know I would since I am usually in bed by 9.

Karin said...

Nice job! Like Chris said, I too, would have checked out way before 11:00. No excuses, right? :)