Saturday, June 21, 2008


Got out of work early on Friday, changed into running clothes and . . .thunder. So I ran four miles on the treadmill (and considerably slower than my last two runs). I blame my four year old daughter. She kept coming into the laundry room (where our treadmill is) throwing me off focus with MOMMY, IS THAT YOUR EXERCISE? MOMMY, ARE YOU RUNNING? WHY MOMMY? MOMMY, IS THAT THE TREDDYMILL? MOMMY, HOW DO YOU TURN THAT ON? WHY CAN'T YOU HEAR ME MOMMY? ARE YOU LISTENING TO MUUUSIC?

Five miles on deck for Sunday. My foot is bothering me. One week into training and my foot is bothering me. Same foot where I had an ankle stress fracture last year. A bit worried.


Karin said...

I think we're living a paralle existence. My son, 7, does the same thing to me. I swear, if I wasn't on a treadmill, he wouldn't have anything to say, but once I get on, its a zillion questions. Makes you crazy, doesn't it?
Sorry to hear about your foot, good luck with the Sunday run. I'm out for at least 5 Sunday morning too, with a few twinges in the calf. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Let me know how it goes!

Karin said...

Crap, I spelled "parallel" wrong in my post..I meant to go back & correct it!

bluegame said...

Jenn did Tori really say that? To funny! I miss you guys!

tamara said...

My daughter is much the same as yours. The best part about the treadmill is that it drowns out the noise of the children so well. Good luck with the foot - I know you are worried! I will thinking about you!!

Jenn said...

Thanks guys . . .thinking I might have a case of plantar facitis or however you spell it. Pain not in my heel though, in the arch and especially bad first thing in the morning. I limp to the bathroom like a 90 year old lady. Gets better throughout the day. Local running store here has free injury screening coming up, I think I'll go.

Bluegame (aka Lori) Yes Tori does really say that. I can see the wheels turning as she tries to figure out how she can turn the treadmill on herself.