Friday, June 6, 2008

Where Have I Been?

My blogging friend Karin (and fellow "they called Chicago '07 on me the first time so I'm back for unfinished business in Chicago '08" runner and American Cancer Society Charity Runner . . .Karin, we do have a bit in common) asked via the comment section . . ."Jenn, where have you been?"

Would you believe running miles and miles every day while I was at a work conference in Phoenix?

Nah, didn't think so.

I wish I did. I packed my running shoes, socks, shorts, sports bra, shirts, headphones, iPod . . .even the damn BodyGlide.

And I didn't run once.

Was crazed with work during the conference, then hit the social functions at night, drank some wine, ate some really fattening food, got up and worked again.

No more work excuses though! That's it! I'm serious! I'm yelling at myself!

Ok, gotta go redo my training schedule since I blew another week. Then off to read the new Runners' World.

I really got to start running more if I'm going to keep up with this running blog, don't I? :)


chris said...

Blame it on Phoenix! That's what I did while I was their this week. That heat just saps your energy and all desire to run!

Karin said...

Whew, I was getting worried about you. Dang work demands, how dare they get in the way! Glad to hear alls well!!

Karin said...

Oh, one more thing, thanks for the shout out! We'll make this training thing happen eventually, right???

Anonymous said...

Just remember that your fellow running-bloggers will continue to harrass and harangue you if you don't keep up with your running blog. Shame is always a good tool to get people to run more. =D