Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm supposed to be running a Half-Marathon in Hoffman Estates tomorrow.

Mike is supposed to be running a 5k in Mt. Prospect tomorrow.

It's not happening. This is what happens when neither of us run. Races come up and we're not at all prepared for them. (Actually I decided awhile ago to play it safe and revise my overzealous race schedule but still.)

It's too bad too, because it looks like it's going to be excellent running weather in Chicago tomorrow. (Figures, because if I was running 13 miles it would be very hot and humid.)

So do we go and pick up our goodie bags/t-shirts anyway? Is that bad running etiquette since we're not running the race? I thought about putting on some running clothes and going to pick up my packet/bag/shirt and then while pretending to put the stuff in the car, actually get in the car and go home. Mike suggested that I put on my ankle brace from last year's stress fracture, pretending that I can't run due to injury and pick up my shirt/bag.

I'm probably being banned from the Chicago running community and Runners World message boards as I write this with the crime of even considering picking up a shirt for a race I'm not running, hosting a running blog when I haven't been running and . . .not running. Oh yeah, when I do run, I wear headphones. Even in organized races. Sorry, I have to. (I'm sure I just lost some readers for that.)

So tomorrow, we are starting fresh. No more I'm sick, work is crazy, I have to go on a business trip excuses. The Marathon is four months away. Training is underway.

Doubting me? I'll be back with a post tomorrow about my 3 mile run. Just you wait and see.

I may even wear the Hoffman Half Marathon shirt.


Terri said...

I think you are smart for not running that race now if you don't feel like you are not ready for it. You'd be more likely to hurt your long run goal of the Chicago marathon - and I am just like you - whenever I run, I do wear headphones too, unless it's a TNT thing, in which case I can't. I hate running without them.

About picking up the bag - look at it this way, you paid for all of it in advance, right?! It's not like you're getting something for nothing...don't feel guilty!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you paid the fee, you get the schwag!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I wasn't finished. One of my favorite race shirts is from a 5K I didn't run. And people get WAYYY too into the whole headphones/no-headphones debate. We're all running, what's the problem?

Good luck on marathon training!

Karen said...

Did you finally get out and run this weekend?

Just curious, did you use the Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer for your training last year?

Karin said...

Hey Jenn - Did ya pick up the goodie bag? Hope so! Sometimes, these crazy runners are so freakin' serious. I wear headphones too, I'm slower, I bring water on short runs (cuz, you just never know), and I'm writing a running blog with very little running lately too. Whatevah...
The good news, its going to be a great week to get outside.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the support about the goody bag and the headphones, guys.

Karen: I used the NonRunner's Guide last year, it got me to the marathon starting line (and I think I would have made it to the finish too had the race (Chicago '07) not been called due to excessive heat.)

Karin: I didn't pick up the goody bag after all, although not because of a case of runners' morals . . .I just didn't get my butt out of bed in time (registration closed at 7:15) With two young kids it's rare I can stay in bed past 7 so I did :)

Karin said...

Amen, sister. I'm taking sleep over a goodie bag anyday!