Saturday, June 28, 2008

Crappy Crapola of a Run (aka Wee Little 5k Race Report)

This isn't going to be a long race report because I don't want to dwell on it, but I had a crappy run today. I wasn't pelted with hail like Chris, but it was a crappy run nonetheless. Here's why:

- Arches in both feet start bothering me at .26 mile point. I'm not even out of my subdivision yet and both feet hurt? What the hell?

- Windy day in the Windy City. So much so that my hair keeps blowing out of my ponytail and it's bugging me.

- My pace and breathing is all over the place. I have no focus whatsoever. I hate the first mile so much that I wonder how on earth am I going to do 26.2? Hell, how am I going to do 6 miles tomorrow?

- My knee hurts. My mom had knee replacement surgery on Wednesday so I'm thinking this is mental.

- I realize that even though I had complete control of the course route for this Virtual 5k, I picked a street with absolutely no shade.

- Halfway point. Finally. Head back and the wind that was swirling my hair like a wild banshee is facing me and slowing me way down.

- My ankles are tired. Really tired.

- I stop a couple of times. A few times. I shake my foot out a bit a couple of times in front of drivers stuck in traffic (why did I pick a busy street with an audience?) as if to say, hey, I'm injured, I don't always run this crappy.

- Struggle with pace and focus all the way back. Keep playing Veruca Salt's "Volcano Girls" to try to focus and keep me going.

3.1 miles, 36.49 minutes


Karin said...

Don't dwell on it Jenn, you covered the miles. I know that's easier said than done, but still. Did you ever go see that doc, or whoever you were going to see for your feet?

Terri said...

please believe me, i totally know how you feel. I have definitely had those days, more lately than i care to count. maybe take a day off or two, and then go back to it? I am also coming to realize that just because you stop and walk does not mean the run doesn't count - sometimes it can even make you stronger.

Jenn said...

Thanks guys. Ran today because I needed to do my long run and it was much better. Not my best run, but much better. Karin, never did go about the foot, it's ok while running, just bad in the morning and after I run. More I read about plantar f. I think that's what it is.

Kitzzy said...

Sorry about your crappy wrong, but even with all that you did better than me (not that it takes much to do that *lol*) Congrats to sticking it out and doing it under such crappy conditions.

BikiniMe said...

Damn, that whole run WAS crappy -- and yet you still kept going. THAT is determination. :) Congrats on completing the Virtul 5K!