Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chipper Kim

My cousin (and fellow marathon trainee) Kim just texted me to check in; she just finished 9 miles with her training group. I haven't even had my morning Red Bull yet.

(Instead, I am surveying the mess in our house. It looks like a teenager had a party while the parents were away. And instead of beer, the teenagers opened every toy in the back room of Toys 'R Us. Except, there are no teenagers in the house and no party. I will start cleaning the house after I finish my donut . . a great breakfast by the way for my virtual 5k later today.)

For anyone who's read Dawn Dais' The Non Runners Guide to Marathon Training for Women, Kim is my Chipper Jen. I say that with love, but that's the first thing I thought of when I got her text message today. Congrats on your 9 miler Kim!

Need to go reassure my four year old that the toilet is not going to flood the house. We had a problem last week and she still thinks the toilet will overflow every time she goes to the bathroom.

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